“Hair” the Musical Review


“Hair” highlights how much impact young people have on social change. // Photo Courtesy of Piedmont University Theatre

Presley Field, Sports Editor

The saying “history will always repeat itself” often has truth to it. It certainly was true in the main points of “Hair.” The cast took the themes of unified change and ran with it. The show, intended for mature audiences, was incredibly humorous and the taboo topics of drugs, sex and war were handled very well. “Hair” had some similarity to today’s political climate and felt strangely familiar. 

The three pronged trident performances of Garrett Smith, Jordan Hicks and Carson Letner were fantastic. Claude, played by Hicks, had a huge decision to make after being drafted for the war. He had all kinds of influences from his parents as well as his friends. In Hicks’ performance, you could clearly see the internal conflict going on and the impact it had on Claude. Another performance worth highlighting was the musical talent of Brittney Wilder. Wilder played Dionne and showed off her singing talents throughout the entire show. 

Before attending “Hair,” audiences know it takes place in the late 1960’s during the Vietnam War. The set reflected that of the late 60’s with the graffiti. The phrases of “freedom” and “no draft” really took audiences back to that time period. The other side of the stage promoted peace and love which was a huge part of the message that the hippie, anti war protestors stood for in this cast. The lighting was also great throughout the show, adding to the mood and setting in each scene. 

The musical numbers for each act were fantastic. Piedmont Theatre is blessed with students that have amazing musical talent that make each musical that is performed, very enjoyable. I know some songs had more emphasis on the overall message but a personal favorite of mine was the number of “Hair” itself. 

It was really great to see the cast connect back to a time period of war protests and look to make a difference. The last couple of years have been an interesting time for young people looking to navigate through life. “Hair” provided some inspiration and some hope that people’s voices do matter and people can make a difference. With the youth that comes with being in college, it was nice to have a reminder that we are the future and that we can make a difference and change things for the better

The Piedmont Theatre department put on yet another great performance and will look to continue this trend with “Walk Two Moons” directed by Kathy Blandin from November 18th to the 21st. You won’t want to miss it.