Handwashing Day at Piedmont University


Dr. Dooley shows students how to wash their hands with the help of colored dye in their soap, showing how much germs can spread. // Photo by Olivia Justus.

Maria Allocco, Staff Writer

Demorest, Georgia, Oct. 1, 2021—

Piedmont University will be celebrating their 2nd annual Global Handwashing Day on Friday, Oct. 15, 2021 with a student competition and a handwashing event.  Since the COVID outbreak in March of 2020, Piedmont University has taken many precautions to keep students on campus. The University has required wearing masks to class and has implemented social distancing restrictions. Handwashing is another way to prevent the spread of the virus.

Dr Julia Schmitz, who is over the handwashing event, said she is very serious about the material she is presenting to her students. She makes sure everyone washes their hands before entering upon her classroom, during experiments, and right before they leave. A unique way she is making hand washing fun for her students is using colored dye in place of germs and having students vigorously wash their hands to see who can win with the least amount of “bacteria” on their hands.

“Washing your hands is the easiest way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and it helps protect other individuals around you,” said Schmitz.

To recognize National Handwashing Day, the University is hosting an event in the student commons from 11-1pm on Friday, Oct. 15. The microeconomics class will be there to showcase their research of soap versus hand sanitizer and the hydrology class will be there to show how important the conversion of water is. Students are urged to come to the event for a fun filled time, as well as to learn the importance of the spread of germs.

For more information on National Handwashing Day, you can visit  https://globalhandwashing.org/global-handwashing-day/