Garbage Space Worker

The player character watches the explosion of their target ship after cutting a fuel line.// PHOTO Courtesy of

Chris Barker

In this type of game, a player can find relaxation through the fun that comes from the breaking down of ships. The need to locate exits in case a fire breaks out or a reactor meltdown becomes increasingly necessary as the underlying plot goes on. In this game, the plot revolves around the other ship cutters as they attempt to find ways to unionize. Through in-game emails and dialogue, players can expect the story to play out through the playtime as ships are broken down.  

Gameplay boils down to the use of tools to take apart ships and sort them into the respective locations to pay off the debt that would even make Tom Nook blush. Cutting on lines to separate the fuselage of a ship becomes harder with the introduction of fuel lines that could combust. Through this combustion comes the destruction of valuable resources to be broken down for cash incentivizing players to become the master of their new trade. Movement in the game is done with a jetpack and allows the user to move in all directions as they float through space. This creates added wrinkles as players seek to perform with perfection.  

Visuals in this game showcase the power of newer hardware and can become intensive early on as space becomes filled with smaller chunks of metal and parts. Stars dot the map and entice the player to look out at the earth as it glows in the distance. This game is demanding on pc hardware and should be played on stronger systems to maximize the quality of playtime.  

Hardspace Shipbreaker is an odd game that can largely be used for entertainment value alone. In most regards it is fun however can be repetitive. Sitting back and mindlessly cutting away while working on smaller projects or just passing the time becomes the real draw of this game. Without the addictive replayability that comes with the game, this type of title would likely have failed already.