All of This For a Bunny

The Doom Slayer stands victorious after gaining vengeance for Daisy the rabbit. PHOTO // Courtesy of Slayers Club,

Chris Barker

 Tearing through the offensive at breakneck speeds is what “Doom Eternal” is all about. In its violence, a peaceful way to relieve stress can be found. From the therapeutic popping of demons when heads are removed to the thumping soundtrack that seeks to fill players with the same level of strength and agility as the main character. This is not a game for the squeamish as the resulting product leads to violent and graphic ways a demonic entity can be removed from existence in the shortest amount of time possible. 

For players that seek this type of game, it’s apparent what they are getting into. An action-filled, first-person shooter that contains some of the best gunplay in recent years of shooters. Guns are weighty and have different handlings. However, recoil control isn’t the name of the game. Upfront is the want of the player to let loose and shed a little stress as players become the living embodiment of rage. The entire game has been crafted to prioritize this fun so that anyone can pick up and blast through the games. With each enemy type, also comes a new way to execute them with the single press of a button, resulting in confetti of viscera and demon appendages. 

The main focus of fun is further expanded to the story and world setting as players fight their way through the destroyed remains of cities on Earth and the realms of Hell itself to drive back the demonic hordes. Players find themselves in the heavy boots of the Doom Slayer in his campaign to end the invasion of Earth after the death of his rabbit at the hands of the hoard. Empowered with the rage and destruction that comes from such a traumatic event, levels become the players’ playground as destruction unfolds with each passing moment. 

“Doom Eternal” is a love letter to the shareware days of old and shows this on its sleeve. From the arcade feeling of extra lives and power-ups to the cheat codes, the game allows for the freedom to overcome any goal no matter the player’s skill level.