Shopping Smart


Staff Writer

Shopping is something that almost everyone does, but how many people actually pay attention to where they are shopping?

Like most people, you probably shop at name brand stores. 

They are safe and trustworthy. 

These stores will usually be trendy and popular. 

For many people, this is likely the most thought that will be put into the decision on where to shop.

Especially in the world of fashion and clothing, creativity is a must. 

Popular retailers like Forever21, Urban Outfitters, and PacSun are known for being trendy and having “unique” items. 

Unfortunately, these stores can also be pricey, and most of the time they aren’t really as unique as they might seem.

In some cases, the big chain retailers might be ripping off small, independent shop owners. 

One rather well known example is when Urban Outfitters copied the jewelry designs of a designer and Etsy shop owner without getting permission from the artist first. According to the Huffington Post, this is just one example among many of Urban Outfitter’s design plagiarism. 

Shopping for handmade products is a great way to support small business owners. 

Local stores are a great way to find new things and support your local community. 

Online shopping is another way that you can find one-of-a-kind items and help small business owners. 

Websites like Etsy allow people to set up shops online and sell their crafts to people all over the world. 

Often you can find the same or better quality items on Etsy as you would in a major retailer, and often at a lower price.

When you shop handmade, you get a truly unique and one-of-a-kind product. 

No two items will ever be exactly the same because they aren’t being mass-produced like they are at major retail stores. 

Shopping at locally owned stores gives you an opportunity to discover new things. 

You can find items that are truly unique and that you couldn’t find anywhere else.  

You are also helping to support local businesses that might otherwise be out of business. 

Take the time to look around and think about where your next purchase is coming from.