Documentary Production at Piedmont University


Filming for a documentary is a serious process that takes time and effort. // PHOTO Courtesy of StoryWise

(Audio provided by Caden Nelms)

Olivia Justus, A&E Editor

With the new film production major making a rise at Piedmont University, there will be new and old classes offered. One of the classes that has been a hit and will also be a part of the new major is the Documentary Production class that is taught by associate professor of mass communications, Melissa Jackson. Focusing on the documentary side of the film industry, the students learn production techniques specific to documentary filmmaking, they will examine award-winning documentaries as well as learn how to develop a documentary script.

“Documentary production is a class I was very excited to take,” says senior sports communications major Aaron Palmer. “We are moving into working on our first big project and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.”

Palmer, along with other students in the documentary production class, are about to start working on their first documentary in the class. Aaron Palmer is basing his documentary off of the history in the Johnny Mize Center on campus. He will always be filming about Piedmont’s athletics legacy. 

“I start filming next week,” says senior mass communications major Caleb Rogers. “I will film all the way until October 7th.” 

Caleb Rogers is also a part of the class. He is planning on doing a documentary on the international students here at Piedmont University. He will dive into the backgrounds, why they chose Piedmont and any other fun facts about them. 

“I’m very excited because it’ll be very interesting,” Rogers says.

Both Aaron Palmer and Caleb Rogers are film stars at Piedmont University. With them in the running for a Telly Award, we are all stoked to see what they produce with their documentaries here in a few weeks. Good luck to the students in the Documentary Production class!