Foul Mouthed, Mining Adventure!


The Dwarf Miners exploring bioluminescent caverns for gold. // PHOTO Courtesy of PCGAMESN

(Audio provided by Caden Nelms)

Chris Barker, Staff Writer

Mining has never been so fun when it is with friends in space, deep within the heart of an asteroid, while being a foul mouth dwarf. The concept behind Deep Rock Galactic is one of excitement and loot-based shooting as you attempt to farm for resources. You also build and maintain extractors and weapons. The ability to drop in and drop out with friends is a huge bonus that allows for ease of use in the game. During a players run time in the game, they will come across a spider-like species of enemy that creeps out of each asteroid’s dark crevasses to stalk down players. To fend off these carnivorous beasts, players have access to a wide arsenal of guns and explosive devices that allow for a new approach to each mission. 

When the game starts, a player is treated to a robust tutorial that teaches the need to mine as well as the ways to fend off the increasing hordes of enemies that lie within. Classes are introduced slowly as the player learns about the game’s concepts until they are given free rein to do as they please. Customization is a huge factor in how the game plays out with certain classes taking different skills and gun types to add benefit to playing a different class each time. On top of weapon loadouts and skills, a player will also find that a class can determine mining speeds and health bars as well. 

Cosmetic customization is also present in the game and allows a player to customize their dwarf with a variety of hats, shirts, beards, and hair to make rugged looks or a clean-shaven gentleman dwarf. The level of detail is less than other games because of the lower quality graphics, however, the game makes up for it with charm and style as a result of characters’ humor. While there is no direct story to follow as players blast their way through asteroids filled with spiders, character humor comes from the players’ dwarf spewing jokes and insults towards enemies and allies alike. 

The level of care that goes into every inch of Deep Rock Galactic is apparent due to the charm on display. While the graphics are minimalist, it still creates a fun game a person can play with friends or alone. Mining through the asteroids and splattering spiders with shotguns feels like a concept that should have been explored earlier and shows the next natural evolution for the mythical creature created in the fantasy genre.