Celebrity Influence


Staff Writer


As we have embarked upon the 13th year of the twenty-first century, it has proven to be quite the century to date. 

From the beginning of the new millennium, the media has constantly influenced our way of thinking, acting and reacting. 

What we say is directly derived from what we really want, or what we seem we want. 

Is our opinion our own, or is society’s opinion what we have adopted and called our own?

People constantly refuse to admit that the media has any real influence upon them. 

When told that our personalities have been shaped by others, we often get defensive and begin to wonder who we really are as a person. 

This happens mostly during the teenage years, when we are most vulnerable and moldable by what we see, hear and absorb.

Many have been through this phase of life, but unfortunately, most have not formed an opinion of their own. 

As they see celebrities splashed across televisions and large movie screens, the malleable teen realizes a dream that was not there before and will strive until completed. 

While movies and TV shows constantly move, the real threat to the stability of the teenager’s mind is found in magazines. 

As they file through the pages, seeing image after image of celebrity gossip and other what-have-yous, they suddenly become very aware of their own imperfections.

What they see in the magazines and what they briefly see on the big screens highly influence them. 

Is this fair? 

Think to yourself for one moment, or moments if need be. 

How can people who are just like you and I, influence a multitude of young adults to either think less or more of themselves? 

It is amazing what a simple photograph will do to a teenager’s self-image. 

At that age they are not set in their ways, nor are they willing to go against the grain and be considered an outcast when one can so easily conform to society’s wants and needs and be accepted for false pretenses. 

In our minds, being influenced by the media and those who are found in the media is not considered a cardinal sin, but instead it is considered the way it works in society’s standards. 

And as the century continues upon its steady path, many will remain oblivious to the fact that the root of most of the problems we are presented with can be found in the media.