Opinions Editor

With less than a month left in the semester, we have all slowly come to realize that is is time to start packing up and getting ready to move on or move back home.

This past weekend, I decided that I was going to get a head start on packing up my room so that I wouldn’t be stressed when it came to finals week. 

The horrible realization that I came to was that I have way too much stuff. 

In the last four years I have accumulated so much junk that I could have sworn was extremely important to me. But, as I slowly made a complete circle standing in the middle of my room I became overwhelmed with the amount of junk that I have. 

After I graduate, I know that I will be moving around a lot and traveling, so I have decided to “de-clutter”. You should try it. It is so satisfying to lug out bags of trash as well as things that I have no use for and know that I’m getting closer to being baggage free. 

I think that as a whole, we are a pack-rat society. Of course, there is nothing wrong with holding on to things that have sentimental or monetary value. However, there is something wrong with making every little thing have a huge importance to living your life. 

I have kept so many little baubles that I thought would have such an important part in my life and now that I’ve come down to it, it’s pretty meaningless. 

The most important thing is the memories. Yes, there are pictures and presents that you don’t want to throw out, but it’s memories that you keep in your heart and mind that should be important. 

Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by all of the junk that fills every crevice and crack of your room. Let your mind and heart be filled with the beautiful clutter of memories that you accumulate over the years. 

Also, you could take all of these things that you don’t use anymore and donate it to charity for someone who could actually put it to good use. You never know what treasure your trash could be to someone. So think twice before you keep that hidden treasure that you haven’t seen since the last time you moved.