Piedmont University Welcomes Film Production

Caleb Rogers and Tyler Goins filming their reward winning short film. // PHOTO COURTESY CALEB ROGERS

Caleb Rogers and Tyler Goins filming their reward winning short film. // PHOTO COURTESY CALEB ROGERS

(Audio provided by Caden Nelms)

Olivia Justus, A&E Editor

Piedmont University is excited to announce the new Film Production major. This major has been in the works for a year and it will finally be in full effect starting fall of 2022. Film Production was brought to Piedmont due to the high increase in Georgia’s film industry. Georgia has quickly become one of the best locations in the world for film. Piedmont plans to have the major in soft effect spring of 2022. This will be determined closer to the end of fall semester.

Film Production is bringing a whole new light to the Swanson Center. Piedmont is buying all new equipment to accommodate students in this major. Some of the new equipment includes two Canon EOS C300 cameras (cinema quality), two Canon Compact-Servo 18-88 mm (cinema lenses) and two Canon EOS C70 (cinema cameras). The stealthy start up costs will be able to help students execute their best work. Another factor in the budget for the Film Production major is that Piedmont is going to hire another professor. The new professor will have prior knowledge and experience in the film industry. They will help assist Associate Professor of Mass Communications, Melissa Jackson, in teaching two video production classes as well as two other required courses. By fall of 2022, the new professor will be full or part-time. As the program progresses, Piedmont hopes to hire another instructor by fall 2024.

With new equipment and instructors joining the Piedmont family, there are many different opportunities that will arise. 

“We are in the works of having mentors in the business available to students by their sophomore year in the program,” says Associate Professor of Mass Communications, Melissa Jackson. “This will open up connections, allow students to ask informational questions and give them opportunities for shadowing.”

Jackson wants the Film Production majors to have a great experience that will help students be successful in the film industry. There is also talk of possible internships for students to take, but details have not been finalized at this point in time.

“I’m very excited for the new Film Production program at Piedmont University,” says junior mass communications major, Caleb Rogers. “This program will make Piedmont stand out from other film programs because of the liberal arts and film aspect.”

The student body and the faculty are extremely excited to see the program take off. Piedmont University faculty and staff have put many hours into the new major to make it stand out from other schools. For more information, contact Associate Professor of Mass Communications Melissa Jackson at [email protected].