A Look into Lady Lions Softball


Junior Outfielder Katelyn Perry up to bat. Photo Credit: Bryce Griggs

Noah Aaron, Contributing Writer

The Lady Lions softball team of Piedmont College is what every college could wish for in a team.  They play softball with a fight that is not found in any team.  They play for more than just fun. They play for the love that they share for their sport and for each other.  For the Lady Lions, it’s more than just softball.  It’s a way of life.


The 2021 Lady Lions are aiming to continue the history of success that has come to be expected under Head Coach Terry Martin.  They are currently 9-1 in conference contests, sitting just under a .700 overall winning percentage on the season.  They have had to combat cancellations and rescheduling due to COVID-19 throughout the season, but they have managed to keep their heads held high and battle out as many wins as they have.  


When one just reads off the stats and final scores from the Lady Lions’ games, it becomes difficult to tell just how much fight and determination the team has.  It isn’t until you experience a game day with the team that one realizes how truly special the game is to them.  


”I think that the reason this team is so successful is the chemistry.  The team is so close in every aspect.  No matter who steps on the field, everyone is rooting 100 percent for their success,” said junior outfielder Katelyn Perry.  “Without having a close group of girls playing together, it makes it so hard to accomplish anything.  Chemistry will beat talent any day, and I think that is one of the reasons our team is so successful and has been for years.”


The coaching staff places so much emphasis on the chemistry between the players because they know it is essential for success.  They often have team bonding events where they take part in activities, such as axe throwing and haunted trails.  It gives the girls a chance to spend time together and bond over things besides softball.


“Everyone always wants to be surrounded by friends who have your back,” said junior outfielder Rebekah Stegmeyer.  “When you are a part of the softball team, you are.”