Lesley Randall “Dangerous” Review – Negative

Leslie Randall, Contributing Writer

Morgan Wallen’s latest album, “Dangerous” is a double album and consists of 33 songs that have been developed over a number of years. It is said that the purpose of this 33-song album is to portray Wallen’s life, and through quarantine Wallen was given the time to create this extremely long album. The album consists of songs portraying partying with friends, drinking beer, overcoming heartbreak with a mystery girl, small towns, Nashville and of course, dirt roads. The majority of songs such as “Whiskey Glasses,” “This Bar,” “Wasted On You,” “Me On Whiskey,”, “Beer Don’t,” and “Your Bartender” solely portray how much Wallen loves drinking beer and whiskey. This album could have easily changed into an alcohol worship album. In many of these songs, alcohol has been said to have helped him heal from heartbreak and live a good life. Maybe this is a sign Wallen needs some addiction recovery — just before “Dangerous” was released, multiple girls from the University of Alabama spoke out publicly how Wallen took advantage of them, is an alcoholic and ultimately the epitome of a douchebag. Ironically, in the songs Wallen released that involve a girl, Wallen is always the victim and always the one to have been heartbroken. Many of the songs released in this album are sappy, “feel sorry for me songs” leading to Wallen singing about his low-key alcohol problem and addiction. In many of his songs, Wallen literally conveys how much he loves drinking and how it makes his life that much better.

“Dangerous” falls along the lines of pop country, which is the equivalent to modern country. Pop country is much different from true country. The song “Heartless” has debuted not only on country radio stations but also on pop radio stations across the country, as the song has been remastered into a poppier version. In this case, some of Wallen’s songs are more upbeat and made for parties or for a happier mood. The songs “Country A$$ Shit” and “Living on a Dream” are definitely for beer drinkers and corn hole players in the summertime. These songs were fun and were placed well in the album to break up the miserable words Wallen sings about his life.

With this information, the 33-song album has some, emphasizing some, versatility to it. Not every song is about Wallen drinking his life away. Wallen definitely wrote and sang about different aspects of his life. Drinking, love and partying were the three main themes to Wallen’s album. However, these themes seem to cross way too often, and each song became very similar and repetitive in the overall message. Towards the end of the album, it was difficult listening about Wallen drinking whiskey in a bar to get over a girl again. It is honestly concerning that a girl has done this much damage on a man where he sings about her and alcohol in almost every song he writes and releases. 

Ultimately, what I got from listening to the one hour and 33-minute album is that alcohol should be able to fix all of my problems. Either that, or Wallen has a serious drinking problem. In fact the album title “Dangerous” fits the album well as Wallen is indeed extremely dangerous when it comes to his health and wellbeing. This album proved that without alcohol, Wallen would have absolutely nothing to sing about, because he legitimately does not understand anything else except alcohol.