A Changing Industry


Piedmont College is now hosting many Esports events with the next being Pokemon Go on March 5th PHOTO // Unsplash

Davis Barlow, Contributing Writer

In a year where many industries took major hits in the financial department and the sports world saw almost every league lose revenue due to COVID-19, one underrated and forgotten aspect of the sports world made money. Esports, which has only begun to see its rise in recent years, generated $120 billion dollars in revenue last year according to The New York Times. The New York Times also points out that this was nearly as much as Hollywood generated. 


Though still new, esports as a whole is being taken more seriously across the sporting industry. Colleges have even begun to push esports more. Piedmont College plans to follow suit and will be hosting more esports related events through the Demorest Campus. 


“Due to COVID-19, in person sports at Piedmont have been a bit more dangerous to host,” stated Justin White, coordinator of Campus Recreation and Wellness at Piedmont College. “The ability to play virtually and remotely is important. Also, a lot of other institutions have esports and we want to stay on par with what we offer students program-wise.” 


Some of these other institutions making these additions include the University of Kentucky, which built a brand new esports facility near the end of 2020. The facility, which is officially recognized as a “gaming lounge” is just one example of colleges and universities beginning to invest in the future of esports.


“Honestly, for esports’ future, I want to see more involvement. The involvement [at Piedmont] is down and I would like to see it grow,” said White. “Also, a dedicated space, and a space and time in the common area above the cafeteria, where people can just plug and play.”


The next esports event that Piedmont College will be hosting is March 5 and will be Pokémon Go. The event starts at 7 p.m. and will take place at the tables near the rock wall. For more information, please contact Justin White at [email protected]