The Overwhelming Stress of College


Students everywhere are feeling more and more stress because of schoolwork piling up. Because of all the classes students have to take, they often have assignment upon assignment due each week. // Photo by Tim Gouw.

Cameron Graham, News Editor

We have all reached that breaking point.


Stressing each week to ensure every assignment is completed and making sure you get enough sleep to repeat another long week. Everyone says that college will be fun, or the best moments in life are going to be in college. People don’t speak about the long hours of studying for a test, the long chapters the teachers want the class to read, or a 10-page research paper due the following week. The amount of stress college students endure to receive a simple piece of paper is ridiculous. 


According to a study from New York University, 55% of students, nationally, claimed their biggest stress or to be academic in nature. Students should enjoy the subjects they are learning and get excited to return for another day of class; however, students are on the verge of dropping out of college from the amount of stress their assignments cause. “Many of the emotional and physical symptoms that occur commonly in the college population, such as headaches, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and the inability to cope, can be attributed to or exacerbated by stress.”


Parents will tell their children to work ahead or write stuff in a planner to make days easier. That advice sounds like a great idea, but professors find a way to make that impossible. Professors somehow make multiple assignments due in the same week and forget we are humans, just like them. Professors have to forget they were once in college because they continue to assign an enormous amount of work to students. With that in mind, papers are college students’ worst nightmare. 


According to, “On average, college students will write about 10 to 15 essays each semester. That averages out to 40 to 60 pages of writing.” For a college student to write this many pages for one semester can drive them crazy, but most importantly cause a lot of stress. Before reaching the halfway point, students are mentally drained and are repeating the same thing in papers.


Hopefully, one day professors will decrease the amount of work they assign, and students will be stress-free. Maybe professors can coordinate with other professors, so assignments don’t fall during the same period. Until that happens, students still have to prepare for war every semester and avoid the breaking point.