Zach Swindell, Contributing Writer

The University of Georgia football program has really ramped up their recruiting, especially when Kirby Smart took over as head coach. Nothing really surprises Georgia fans at this point. Coach Kirby Smart had Jake Fromm and Justin Fields on the same roster a few years ago, both who were 5-star recruits. Fields famously entered the transfer portal and went to Ohio State University, where he had a successful career and turned himself into a top draft choice in this year’s draft. So, what does that have to do with UGA football now? Well, Kirby Smart went out and did it again.

Kirby Smart got his quarterback of the future a few months ago. Brock Vandagriff, an Athens native, just signed to the University of Georgia. Vandagriff is the top recruit in the country and also went out with a bang as he brought home a state championship to Prince Avenue. Vandagriff lost one game his senior year and that was to Gunner Stockton and Rabun County. Stockton is also one of the top recruits in 2022 and was committed to the University of South Carolina. The University of South Carolina recently made some changes to their coaching staff and Gunner Stockton was no longer a Gamecock. Colleges all over the country were after Stockton once they found out the news. There was no way UGA was going after him since they just signed Brock Vandagriff. That is… Until they did! Stockton committed to the University of Georgia fairly quickly. Every college football fan could not believe it, even Georgia fans.

The University of Georgia will now have JT Daniels who was a 5-star recruit and took over the QB spot this year, Carson Beck, a former 4-star recruit, Brock Vandagriff, and Gunner Stockton all potentially on the same team. Daniels will most likely be gone after next season to the NFL Draft but that does leave Beck, Vandagriff, and Stockton all in the same quarterback room at once.  Does this turn into the Fromm and Fields nightmare? Stockton did come out and say that “he will graduate from the University of Georgia.” Georgia fans and the rest of the country will find out sooner or later.