Piedmont Symposium 2021 Update


Piedmont students present their research at the first ever Piedmont Symposium in 2019.

Savannah Richards, Contributing Writer

Due to increasingly strict COVID-19 restrictions on campus, the Piedmont symposium will be using a hybrid format to allow students to present their research without risking their health.


“In planning for this year’s Piedmont Symposium, we have been mindful of the guidelines from the college in regards to COVID,” said QEP Director Julia Schmitz. “This year, the event will be hybrid, which will allow for social distancing in the oral sessions as well as being able to view presentations via Zoom.”


Symposium is an undergraduate research and inquiry event that gives students a chance to showcase not only their projects, but also their leadership, learning abilities, and other characteristics that are valued in the job market.


“We have gathered information on the number of people who are safely allowed in various rooms on campus while working with I.T. to ensure that we will have the technology needed to zoom all oral presentations,” said Schmitz. 


The QEP team is doing everything possible to make sure students have the opportunity to participate, and in return, students are expected to bring their A-game when preparing their presentations.


“Students should expect to see top notch presentations and posters from their fellow students throughout the day,” said Schmitz. “Students can get involved in various ways – first they can submit to present a poster, panel, or oral session at the Symposium. All applications are due February 26.”


Visit www.piedmont.edu/piedmont-symposium to find more information and to view tutorials on how to use the Piedmont library website, make a research poster, and present your findings. Students can email [email protected] with any specific questions, or visit https://piedmontcollegega.wufoo.com/forms/q1p2r63c0wf0f8r/ to fill out the application to have their research included in the event.


“They can also volunteer on the day of the event by helping with the QR codes for check-ins and time keeping in the sessions,” said Schmitz. “In March, we will ask for volunteers – so be on the lookout for that!”