Garrett’s Review: Bigg Daddys Restaurant and Tavern 

The Back Entrance into Bigg Daddys/ Photo/ Garrett Stafford

The Back Entrance into Bigg Daddys/ Photo/ Garrett Stafford

Garrett Stafford, Features Editor

Beginning this journey of discovering all of the greatest hits around Piedmont, there is only one place that can kick off this review series: Bigg Daddys. Bigg Daddys is a name every student at Piedmont knows, whether it be for Taco Tuesday, Wing Night, or a chill night with your friends, everyone has found a reason to go. For many students and faculty, Big Daddys has become a weekly tradition, and a night to destress and forget about school and work for a few hours.  The sports bar atmosphere provides the perfect setting to sit back and relax with friends, and if your team is playing on the numerous televisions scattered throughout the restaurant, you can find yourself there for hours. Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, there is live music from local bands throughout north Georgia to add to the fun atmosphere. However, what attracts many college students here is the thing we care about the most: the prices. 


If you go to Bigg Daddys, you will find your average prices for burgers, tacos and wings– about 10 – 20 dollars a person. These prices are not why so many students find themselves here. It is the daily deals that are too good to overlook; Taco Tuesday and Wing Wednesday are the two that stand out the most. The most popular of the two would be Wing Wednesday. If you go to Bigg Daddys on any Wednesday throughout the semester, you will bump into a student or faculty you know.  With flavors like “Who’s your Daddy” and “Raspberry Jalapeno,” 75 cent wings attracts people of all taste buds across Habersham.  These fun flavors and real ingredients will have you coming back every week, and soon you will know every multiple of 75 cents. 


On the other hand, Taco Tuesday does not attract crowds because most people are saving their three quarters for the next day, but many might forget about the wings all together if they went a day early. Students looking for the biggest bang for their buck should try the half-priced tacos; depending on the flavor, these tacos will only take five to 10 dollars out of your wallet. Five dollars for three chicken tacos are prices that would even challenge fast-food chains, but what it lacks in price, it does not in flavor; the blackened fish tacos, with its mild spice, will have you going back for more and more, and you might find yourself ordering another three. 

With great food and a fun atmosphere comes the only downfall of this restaurant: the crowd. The wait to get a table can sometimes take up to 30 minutes to get to those 75 cent wings and half-priced tacos. These lines are not something the restaurant can control, and if your stomach can survive the wait, the food is worth it. Take a break from studying and go down to Bigg Daddys in downtown Cornelia for good food and good friends. Enjoy.