Haunted House Rundown


New to Halloween festivities, House of Four Scythes in Cumming provides families with a spooky yet fun Halloween experience

Presley Field, Arts & Entertainment Editor

As Halloween is fast approaching, people may be wondering about spooky, festive things to do. Haunted houses are a staple Halloween tradition during the fall. Some are scarier than others, but there are also some houses that are family friendly. To get into the spirit, here are some Haunted Houses that will be open for business on Halloween. 


Haunted Helen: Helen is known to be a well-known tourist destination in Northeast Georgia. Many people come to Helen to see the different architecture and activities, such as river tubing. However, once October rolls around, Helen is turned into Haunted Helen. This spooky event happens every Friday and Saturday in October from 6pm to 10pm. It is fun for all ages and features a haunted mine walk-through. COVID procedures will be followed, as well.


Netherworld: Netherworld is arguably the most well-known haunted event in Georgia. Netherworld is open every Wednesday through Sunday in October, as well as November 1,6,7,13 and 14. The hours of operation vary depending on the day. Netherworld is very popular, but is now limited due to COVID-19; Netherworld encourages guests to purchase tickets early because the time slots regularly sell out. It is a bit more of a “fear factor” at Netherworld, meaning it probably isn’t suitable for smaller children. However, for older kids or teenagers and adults, Netherworld is a great place for the adrenaline rush that comes with fear.


House of Four Scythes – This new haunted attraction is debuting for the first time in 2020. It is brand new in Cumming, Ga. and features a haunted house attraction and a “Carnival of Screams.” This is a non-profit event presented by the City of Cumming and the proceeds will be benefiting the American Cancer Society for Relay for Life; COVID-19 protocols are being implemented to keep people safe and healthy. They are open every Friday and Saturday in October from 7p.m. to midnight.


Paranoia Haunted House – Paranoia is a very intense haunted attraction in Canton, Ga. There is a main attraction, as well as a bonus attraction for a higher cost. The main one is $25, and including the second attraction is another $10; the second attraction is slightly smaller and a shorter length of time. The website suggests children under the age of 13 either do not attend or come through with an adult. They are open on weekends from 8 p.m. to 12 p.m. and close at 10:30 p.m. on Sunday.


Because Halloween is on a Saturday this year, there are several spooky activities for people to do, with these haunted attractions being a small number of them; however, this could be a great idea for families or groups of friends to participate in. 


Each of these attractions requires masks and follows COVID-19 protocols to ensure everyone can be spooked safely and provide a fun, festive night for all.