Is Piedmont College Haunted?

The alleged haunted GB hall of Piedmont College// PHOTO

Davis Barlow, Contributing Writer

The belief in the supernatural has long been a topic of discussion, and sometimes even a controversial subject. Those who do believe in it have claimed that demons and ghosts do in fact exist. However, individuals who doubt it have claimed that when the supernatural occurs, there is usually a logical explanation as to why, or they state that it’s simply a trick of the mind. Either way, that has not stopped Piedmont College from having its own rumors of being haunted. 


A quick Google search turns up results of claims that the dormitory, Getman-Babcock (GB), is haunted in multiple areas. There have been several claims of a glowing orange outline appearing in the lobby, mysterious reports of basement door handles turning on their own and a ghostly little girl in a blue dress roaming the halls.


While no one knows where the rumors began, they have certainly spread throughout the college. Few will openly admit to what they have seen; they are in fear of judgment or retribution if they present their claims as truth. However, one former Piedmont College student was able to give a brief description of something that had happened to her. Sydney Schuster, who graduated in the spring of 2020, shared her story of an incident while living in Getman-Babcock.


“Most of the time if I were in the room by myself, weird stuff would happen,” said Schuster. “There was one night specifically where the power went out and I was alone in the room and all my cabinets started opening by themselves.” 


Schuster declined to outright say whether she believes it was a ghost or a natural occurrence but said, 


“It’s not something I think about or have happened a lot but I do believe that kind of stuff is real.”


The strange occurrences on the campus are not limited to just Getman-Babcock. The Piedmont College Swanson Center, home to the mass communications and theatre departments, has numerous claims of door openings, moving shadows and sudden cold drafts through areas where no vent circulation occurs. Though all unconfirmed and officially never reported, it is hard to find a student who hasn’t heard of the strange occurrences.


With no official statement from the institution, the idea that Piedmont College is haunted will likely always be up for debate; however, for now, Piedmont College must wait to see if the campus will have a spooky awakening on Halloween.