Mustache Madness Creates Change


Sophomore Men’s Lacrosse Zach Schramm is an encouragement to the rest of his team to participate in the Mustache Madness. Schramm has been personally affected by the HEADstrong foundation and wants his teammates to help positively affect others who are in need. Picture: Courtesy of Zach Schramm

Nick Pope, Contributing Writer

Every year, hundreds of lacrosse teams across the United States join the Lacrosse Mustache Madness fundraising campaign. The fundraiser’s goal is to raise more than $315,000 to commemorate the 315,000 American families that receive a cancer diagnosis during the fundraising event. The interactive online fundraiser encourages student-athletes to grow their mustaches and face off virtually against other teams in the country to raise money and help families honor the late Nicholas Colleluori, a Division I lacrosse player. 


This year, the Piedmont College men’s lacrosse team has decided to join the event to give back to people in need. The current involvement in the HEADstrong Foundation is more special than in years past for Coach Dunton and the rest of the men’s lacrosse team. 


“Our team chose to get involved because one of our own battled cancer this summer. We wanted to show our support by raising funds for an excellent cause in his name,” said Dunton. 


Established in 2007, after Nicholas Colleluori, who was entering his sophomore year at Hofstra University, got terminally diagnosed with cancer, the HEADstrong foundation followed Colleluori’s life and struggle. His public fight from the sidelines captivated the nation, and, from his hospital bed, he created an organization focused on empowering student-athletes to improve lives affected by the disease.


“The Headstrong foundation was started by a former Hofstra lacrosse player (Nicholas Colleluori) who battled cancer. After he passed away, his family has carried on his legacy through this foundation, and it’s a great and easy way for us to give back to people in need, and [they] do amazing work,” said Coach Dunton.


The fundraiser encourages individuals to grow mustaches from Oct. 19 to Nov. 28, which are Collelouri’s birthday and the day the courageous man lost his life to cancer. Dunton’s team’s goal is to raise $5,000 and encourage others to get involved.


“There is no donation too small, and with the support of the Piedmont students, faculty and staff, we could get over [the goal] in a heartbeat.” 


Dunton’s team is getting involved in things bigger than lacrosse, and this type of winning attitude translates directly to the field. 


“I’m extremely proud of the boys for stepping up and taking this on. I think it’s very easy in our current climate to be focused on ourselves and for them to think of others in need at this time is extraordinary.”


Men’s lacrosse player, Zack Schramm, is one of the many lacrosse players involved and encourages each student to join the fundraising event. 


“I encourage others to get involved because it is a great cause. My situation [has] played out so well because we were able to catch it (early). My total process lasted two months but the longer left unattended, the longer the recovery is. During that process, it can require funds and resources that not every family can access. That is where HEADstrong steps in.” 


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