Dobrik’s New Perfume Ad Piques New Interest in Youtube Star

David Dobrik’s new perfume with scents Amber & Cashmere and Grapefruit & Sandalwood / Photo from

Anna Watson, Design Editor

“October 2 is about to smell reeeal good :),” David Dobrik said, on an Instagram post teasing his commercial for perfume that he recently created with model and friend, Chelsea Dalessio. He released two scents: Amber & Cashmere and Grapefruit & Sandalwood. The Youtube star even included the video timeline located at the bottom of the video and a number with a hashtag similar to how he numbers his vlogs. Dobrik wanted to get into perfume, just to star in the ad he told “Us Weekly.” 


Dobrik and Dalessio created a work of art with their ad. It is timeless, romantic, flirty, fun, and sexy. It doesn’t push the product until the very end and still entices the viewer to want to buy it. Its mix of good music and good vibes have created the perfect ad. 


The ad is obviously influenced by the 90’s or early 2000’s with a toothbrushing scene that gives the viewers the same butterflies they got when watching a similar scene from the hit movie “Bring it On.” Other than the flirtatious toothbrushing, the convertible drives, romantic bike rides, dancing on the beach, cuddling under the sheets, diner date, around the pool chases, perusing on a boat and firecracker popping truly sold the timeless love the ad was trying to sell.


The ad was so convincing that fans thought the two, Dobrik and Dalessio, were actually a couple. They thought that no one could fake this kind of chemistry. 


“At least now we have a video to show our kids,” 

 under her Instagram post of the ad,” Dalessio said, captioning her Instagram post of the ad. This was proof enough for the fans, however, Dobrik denied the claims. Ever since his breakup with Liza Koshy, fans have been shipping him with nearly every girl he meets or works with, Natalie (his assistant), Dalessio and Madison Beer are just a few. 


The ad was convincing for another reason, it showed a never seen before sensual side to Dobrik. Even while he was dating Koshy, fans only ever saw him as a prankster and a goofball and here he is taking a sweet looking model on all these different dream dates with undeniable chemistry, cuddling under the sheets with a hand on her ribcage – it’s sexier than it sounds. 


Most female perfume commercials make it seem like the woman is wearing the perfume and that’s why the men are reacting how they are towards her, Dobrik’s ad did the opposite. You forget you’re watching a commercial, get wrapt up in the music and the vibes and just fall in love with the love on the screen and it makes you want to buy his product. If only they weren’t 60 dollars a bottle, I would’ve bought both.