Piedmont Resources that are Unknown to Students


Piedmont students are granted access to over 300 different online resource outlets

Presley Field, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Piedmont College has many different subscriptions to online resources that students aren’t that well aware of. These websites are not marketed or talked about much but could be of tremendous help for students. For instance, many students are not aware that they get a subscription to “Grammarly” within their tuition. “Grammarly” is helpful for students when writing an academic paper or an article.

Students can find all kinds of different online resource sites by going to library.piedmont.edu and clicking on the “online resources” tab. Students will find they have access to over 450 online websites and programs that aren’t accessible unless they have a personal subscription to them.


One website Piedmont Students have access to is “Ancestry Libraries.” This site gives access to all kinds of records from history. Students could potentially find out their family tree or search for other interesting records. It is also great for academic research in the arts and sciences. 


Another is “Food, Drink, and Nutrition,” which would help interested students learn how to cook. This site also shows different recipes and how to go about preparing different kinds of foods. This can be very helpful to students living in the Village or who want to learn more about personal nutrition.


For Health Science majors, Piedmont gives access to “Health Sciences in Videos.” This site has educational videos made by clinicians and educators for health science skills and techniques. 


“Theatre in History” would let anyone interested in watching theatre online have access to over 250 plays. This site also gives access to hundreds of different documentaries. Piedmont students also have access to “BroadwayHD” where students can stream many well-known musicals. 


Some students know Piedmont has their own movie website. Piedmont offers all kinds of different movies on movies.piedmont.edu. Some students might find this website extremely helpful so that they do not have to rent or buy certain movies they would like to watch. For sports, there are films such as “42” or “The Blind Side”. There are other movies such as the war epic “1917”. 


These are only some of what Piedmont has to offer as there are many other websites. Students will need to be on Piedmont WiFi and sign into the library with their Piedmont information as well in order to access these sites.