Drive-Ins Making a Comeback

Walmart Drive in movies hope to bring crowds for safe entertainment with social distancing // Photo from

Chris Barker, Staff Writer

With the Movie Theater industry currently unable to provide showings due to Covid-19, many are craving a night out more than ever. Recently, two big names have thrown their hats into the ring in order to help those looking for a little more entertainment in their daily lives. Walmart and Lowe’s have decided that the stage has been perfectly set for the return of drive-ins in order to give the public what they desire. 

Both companies have a similar approach on how they will handle COVID-19 precautions. Tickets are available via new websites and are free to those who reserve them. Those who go to watch the movie are asked to bring a mask and to remain in their cars for the showing. A car radio with an FM band is also required in order to get proper audio for the film. 

While Lowe’s has stopped showing movies for now, Walmart has decided to continue showing movies with dates extending until October 21st. Walmart will be showing hits such as Spiderman-Into the Spiderverse, Wonder Woman, and even Space Jam while Lowes took to showing The Secret Life of Pets and The Pursuit of Happyness. 

Though, Lowe’s has concluded their drive-in services. Jeremy Gattis, the manager of Lowe’s in Cornelia, Georgia, stated that he would love to explore the prospect of showing more movies and even sports. 

Since the start of the “new” way to entertain, Walmart has shown around 270 movies and is set to show a total of 320 movies before they end their service. With entertainment in today’s world ranging from binge watching Netflix shows to scrolling through Tik Tok, Walmart and Lowe’s have provided a change of scenery and a way to get out of the house.