Catherine Wynns is Encouraging the Whole Nation to Wear a Mask


Promoting mask wearing. Catherine Wynns is the face behind Mask Awareness Day on Aug. 1 PHOTO / CATHERINE WYNNS

Garrett Stafford, Features Editor

Piedmont’s own Catherine Wynns is gaining worldwide traction for her creation of “National Mask Awareness Day.” From posts in Brazil and the United Kingdom, as well as interviews from FOX 5 Atlanta, Wynns has made a positive impact in many communities both nationally and globally. 


National Mask Awareness Day is defined as the first of every month, where individuals across the world post photos on social media showing off their masks, educational information and even tips about wearing their mask properly and effectively. The creation of this special day was because senior nursing major, Catherine Wynns, wanted to find a way to help her healthcare friends while she was stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.


“Due to impacts of the pandemic, my summer nursing externship was canceled. It was extremely hard for me to just sit at home while hearing my healthcare friends inform me what it was like at the hospital,” said Wynns. “I wanted to help the public be safe and allow the healthcare workers to feel better supported, thus, National Wear a Mask Day on Aug. 1 was created. I purposely chose Aug. 1 because I knew most businesses and colleges (like Piedmont) were opening.”


The first “National Mask Awareness Day” took place on Aug. 1, and Wynns, with help from doctors and nurses across the nation, set out to better inform the public on the importance of wearing a mask. Wynns even got promotions from several nursing organizations and companies to allow this day to become a colossal success.


“It was really amazing to see how people from all over the world (Georgia, Hawaii, Brazil, the UK, etc.) came together to partake in something as compassionate as a National Mask Awareness Day which thanked front line workers,” said Wynns. “After seeing so much division in the world, it was truly beautiful to see a day of unison where people came together and interacted with only kind and supporting words towards each other.”


Catherine’s goal is for there to be more positive conversations around wearing a mask, along with “National Mask Awareness Day.” She is truly accomplishing that goal; this day will continue to take place on the first of every month until the world perseveres through the COVID-19 crisis. 


Don’t be afraid to show the world how you rock your own mask, and be proud to represent National Mask Awareness Day. The only way we can get through this is together.