Bryan Blount: Sending Piedmont into a Technological Future 

Bryan Blount new Chief Information Director at Piedmont College // PHOTO //

Bryan Blount new Chief Information Director at Piedmont College // PHOTO //

Garrett Stafford, Features Editor

Bryan Blount has taken the final step in his career by taking over as the Chief information director here at Piedmont college, a job he hopes to retire from. 


“I had a laundry list of about 12 items I was looking for when looking for a new job, explained Blount. “And Piedmont had what I wanted.” 


Blount moved here from Kentucky after 20 years living there, when he and his wife were looking for a place to retire from, they eventually found Piedmont. This will be his 6th year of doing higher Ed technology after many years of being a teacher for K12 and even 10 years as an industrial engineer. 


“I stand back and make sure everyone has what they need to do their jobs,” said Blount. “I want to make everything digital here at Piedmont is more efficient and more effective”

Blount is the man in charge of everything digital at Piedmont, any big change in the future will be from him, and Blount is excited about that. 


“I sit and work with the executives inside the college and folks outside with transformational ideas and directions, ” exclaimed Blount. “ My job and what i get paid for is to sit in my office and think of ideas for the campus.”  


Blount is a businessman, he realizes that Piedmont at the end of the day is a business and if our technology isn’t doing what it should (having wifi for classes, being able to turn in assignments, and make sure checks are coming in) then he is not doing his job. 


Blount’s first big project that he’s working on first for the campus is a Security program, “Our product at Piedmont is a service that requires a lot of data and if that data is tarnished our product and our reputation is ruined,” Blount explaining the importance of heighting digital security. 


This will be the first of many projects Blount undertakes here at Piedmont, as he only started here in January Piedmont will have many years of being in good hands in the technology department. Blount even shared some words of advice: 


“You will spend half of your waking hour working, so when you’re looking for a job try to find coworkers you enjoy being around because you will spend a lot of time together better enjoy it.”