SGA Discusses Student Apathy


Staff Writer

Despite negative comments, Piedmont’s Student Government Association continues to be the change at Piedmont College.  At the March 20 meeting, the committee discussed a student’s letter of concern about apathy on campus. 

Vice President Olivia Swisher was the meeting’s speaker. SGA meetings typically consist of the executive board, senators, and the public discussing campus concerns to generate solutions. 

SGA brainstormed ideas to combat  apathy on campus. Ideas generated during the brainstorming session included a “Random Act of Kindness” Event or something similar in the caf. 

Senators Brooke Martin and LeighAnn Crump suggested “a banner, a table topper, or a symbol people can recognize to indicate sympathy on campus.” 

SGA says that they are taking the concern of student apathy seriously. 

 “I propose a  designated bulletin board or wall to put encouraging thoughts,” said Swisher.

Secretary/treasurer Katarina Hodge reiterated the importance of SGA at Piedmont. 

“SGA is the bridge between student and the administration. We act as the middle man,” said Hodge. 

If you have ideas to improve apathy on campus contact SGA advisor Natalie Crawford at [email protected]

The council also discussed updates on the visitation proposal at this month’s meeting. 

“The visitation change is going well. We haven’t heard anything bad about it,” said Swisher.

It was also mentioned that SGA elections are on the horizon. Interested students should contact Crawford for more information.

SGA stated its purpose and responsibilities at Piedmont College due to questions from attendees.   

“SGA is a first year program at Piedmont College and is still developing its format,” said Crump. 

She said that SGA was created to be a unified and formatted group for students that had structure to be the bridge between students and the administration. SGA also manages funds for organizations and groups on campus. 

SGA meets every third Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Camp Younts conference room on the fourth floor of the library.