Senior Year & The Coronavirus Pandemic: My College Stands Strong


Written by Nicole Thomas, Social Media Coordinator

When I first found out that Piedmont was not going to meet in person for the rest of the semester due to COVID-19, I was devastated.  I love Piedmont.  It became a second home to me. I reflected on all of the wonderful people I met at Piedmont and memories I made including Piedmont: events on campus, Alternative Spring Breaks, formals, Roar meetings and The National Media Press Conference. 

The friends, teachers, faculty and staff I met at Piedmont are some of the kindest people I have ever met.  I became extremely sad knowing that I was not going to see them (at least in person) for the rest of the semester and not going to be able to participate in events on campus.  In that moment, I wished more than anything that I was not a senior.  I wanted more time to spend with my friends and make memories.

Fortunately, life got easier.  I still experienced kindness from friends, teachers, faculty and staff.  It amazes me how Piedmont’s staff, faculty and teachers continue to go above and beyond for their students during this difficult time.  Dr. Kim Crawford sent emails with the subject “Piedmont Perseverance” to encourage students.  It was so sweet to watch the videos staff and faculty made to let us know that they cared about us.  Teachers learned how to use Zoom and reassured their students that everything is going to be ok and that they will continue to help their students.  Dr. Joe Dennis, Dr. Gayle Robbins, Dr. Maria Dye and Dr. Lakeisha Gantt, who were going to be panelists for my Capstone, helped me succeed on my Capstone by sending in their responses to my panel questions. 

I still get to see all the hard work my classmates in Capstone class have done even if it is online.  Campus Activities Board, Piedmont Campus Rec, and Residential Living helped students feel connected by having virtual events.  The Piedmont Student Success Center encouraged students to participate in Spirit Week.  The Art Club encouraged students to send in their artwork and emphasized the importance of art, especially during this difficult time. QEP moved the Piedmont Symposium online and are helping students feel excited about it by having a Countdown Week.  Students continued to show each other kindness and encouragement through positive posts and messaging.  Classmates continued to get to see each other, even if it was over Zoom.

While it is sad that we do not get to see each other in person, I truly believe that no matter where we are there will always be positivity at Piedmont. 

I am grateful to be at a college that always cares about its students and helps them feel loved, supported and encouraged.  Piedmont continues to make a positive impact in my life, and it will always hold a special place in my heart.  When I graduate, I will smile and say, “I went to Piedmont College and it was one of the best parts of my life.”