Piedmont College to Add Football Program in Spring 2020 (April Fools)


Written By Brett Loftis, Staff Writer

Piedmont College announced on Wednesday, April 1 that the College will have a football program in 2020.  Athletic Director Jim Peeples announced this at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, among other changes within the athletic department at Piedmont.  However, the major addition is the football program. “Football is an intricate part of most collegiate athletic programs across this nation,” said Coach Peeples, “Now here at Piedmont we can add that important program here in Demorest, Georgia.” 

There are many questions that were raised after Coach Peeples announced the addition of the football team at Piedmont.  The most important question on everyone’s minds was how Piedmont was going to start a team so soon. Well, Coach Jim Peeples put that question to rest very quickly and very surprisingly.  “We have had football equipment at Piedmont for years. We get a new batch of helmets, footballs, field goal posts and cleats every season. We just stash it away and wait for another year.”  Coach Peeples then dropped a bombshell on everyone in the room. “You all are probably wondering who will coach and play on this great team. Well, the great Atlanta Falcon and NFL great Deion Sanders will be coaching this team,” Coach Peeples explained.  “The players on this team will be combined from the other athletes at Piedmont. We will conduct an open tryout as soon as the coronavirus pandemic has been contained.”

After Coach Jim Peeples completed his press conference, he introduced the new Head Coach Deion Sanders.  “You know y’all, it is good to be back in the G-A ,” Sanders said. “PrimeTime is fixing to be dancing all the way from the A to the D in Habersham County.” Deion Sanders brings a great playing background, as well as an extensive coaching background to Demorest.  Sanders also introduced a well decorated coaching staff. “We coming to the D real deep,” Sanders stated. “Mike Vick will be the offensive coordinator, Jesse Tuggle will be the defensive coordinator and former Panthers great Steve Smith Sr. will be the special teams coordinator.” 

The Piedmont Football team will open up in Demorest, GA against the defending national champions, Louisiana State University, on August 29, 2020.