White Water Rafting: The New Form of Piedmont Transportation (April Fools)


Photo by Angga Indratama on Unsplash

Written by Nicole Thomas, Social Media Coordinator

Due to floods and inclement weather, white water rafting is the new form of transportation for students to get to class.

“When the other students and I found out that it was going to flood tomorrow, we collectively decided that white water rafting was the best option for transportation,” said Sean Ogle, senior chemistry major and Vice President of Campus Activities Board.  “Fortunately, CAB took advantage of this opportunity by having a decorate your own raft event.”  

Students decided on Feb. 10, 2020 that white water rafting would become the new form of transportation.  CAB had their Decorate Your Own Raft Event on Feb 17. 2020. More students came to this event than any other event on campus.  It is not uncommon to see students white water rafting more than them driving to class.  

There are mixed reactions about this.  Some students like their new rafts. “White water rafting to class makes my life even more exciting,” said Joey Brovont, junior mass communications major.  “I really like white water rafting because it protects my socks from getting wet.”

Other students feel that white water rafting does not fix the problem and that class should still be canceled during inclement weather.  “There is still the problem of nontraditional students who are parents having to go to class when their kids’ school is canceled due to weather that day,” said Laura Alyssa Plate, junior philosophy and religion major.  “Piedmont should be canceled during flooding. We shouldn’t have to rely on other forms of transportation just to get to class.”

Parking with the rafts is also an issue.  Students are parking their rafts in the parking lots.  Many students said that this is a problem, especially because parking was already an issue before students started rafting to class.  Mr. Mark Jestel, Director of Residential Living, recently sent out an email addressing this situation.  

“Starting in Fall 2020, students will have to get parking passes for their white water rafts.  Piedmont College may get rid of one of the red lots to accommodate these new rafts. Students should check their email for continued updates.”