How to Take Care of Your Mental Health During the Corona Virus Pandemic


Photo by Amin Moshrefi on Unsplash

Written by Nicole Thomas, Social Media Coordinator

People may experience different challenges from the Corona Virus pandemic.  One of the problems people can experience is feeling anxious and depressed.  Some individuals may be worried about getting the Corona Virus or their loved ones getting it.  Melinda Smith and Lawrence Robinson said in the article, “Coronavirus Anxiety: Coping with Stress, Fear, and Uncertainty” that it is important for people to get information about the Coronavirus from “trustworthy sources, to limit their media consumption and to limit the amount of time they check for updates”. 

It can also be helpful for individuals to practice deep breathing and mindfulness.  Mindfulness is where the person describes what they see, taste, hear, what something feels like when they touch it, etc.  Mindfulness can be helpful because it can distract the person from the negative thoughts they are experiencing.

 Another thing that may make people anxious or depressed during the Corona Virus pandemic is social distancing.  While it is important that people practice social distancing to avoid catching and spreading the disease, it may cause individuals to feel lonely, bored, depressed and anxious.  Fortunately, there are ways that people can still stay connected including video calling and social media. I like video calling because I can see my classmates, people in the college church group I am a part of and my other friends.  When I video call with them, it is almost like I am there with them in person.

I also like using social media, especially during the pandemic.  On social media, I’ve used the hashtag #coronaviruscantcancel to post the fun things I am still able to do.  This hashtag helps me because I notice that good things can still happen during the pandemic.  I also hope to spread positivity and help others by using the hashtag.  Some of my posts that include this hashtag are of my artwork, nature, a selfie of me with my dog, the video call of The Roar’s meeting, etc.

It is also good for individuals to get exercise.  One way to get exercise is by taking walks.  The weather has been nice lately, and I like observing nature when I am outside.  Another way I like to get exercise is by looking up videos of the video game “Just Dance” on YouTube and dancing to it. 

Other ways people can take care of their mental health while at home are by drawing, reading, watching their favorite show, engaging in a hobby, baking, etc. 

 It can also be helpful for people to have counseling and therapy appointments.  While they may not be able to meet with a counselor or therapist in person, they may be able to talk with them over the phone or video call them.  I appreciate that counselors and therapists are setting up appointments with patients especially because the mental health challenges individuals face may heighten during this time.            

By practicing mindfulness, deep breathing, getting information about the Corona Virus from reliable sources, staying connected with friends, participating in hobbies and having an appointment with a counselor or therapist, people may be able to feel better during the pandemic.