Lighting the Night: an End to Blood Cancers


Piedmont faculty, staff, and students rallied together at the Athens Classic Center Pavilion the night of Friday, Oct. 25 to Light the Night for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). This annual event is organized by the LLS to raise awareness and research funds for blood cancer and literally brings light to the darkness. With hundreds of lanterns raised into the night, the march around downtown Athens was a sight to behold.

The LLS reports that every three seconds, someone is diagnosed with blood cancer, which accounts for nearly ten percent of cancer diagnoses. “Many of our own faculty, staff, and students know of someone who has battled leukemia or lymphoma.” Says Julia Schmitz Ph. D, associate professor of Biology at Piedmont. Among the lanterns held by attendees, white lanterns, survivors, were the smallest in number. Gold lanterns were lit in memory of those who had lost loved ones to blood cancer, while red showed support. “I walk in memory of my Aunt who passed away from Leukemia in 2001 in hope that others will win their battle with these cancers.” Schmitz says.

With approximately 25 members of Team Piedmont in a sea of survivors, Schmitz tells the Roar that Piedmont is bringing hope to thousands. “By participating in Light the Night, we are helping to bring awareness to these blood cancers and to the many survivors.”

Team Piedmont placed fifth in fundraising in the Friends and Family Teams, raising $1,373 for LLS. Light the Night: Athens raised a total of $75,483 for their Oct. 25 march.