Let’s Eat: The Attic


TV Station Manager

Are you looking for a restaurant with a great atmosphere, good service and amazing food? If so, The Attic in Clarkesville is the perfect place for you. Only a ten-minute drive to the Clarkesville Square and you will be enjoying delicious, upscale food in a peaceful atmosphere. If you want a fine dining experience in a casual atmosphere, I would suggest The Attic.

You wouldn’t think The Attic to be a fancy restaurant.  On the outside, it appears to be a converted automobile service station, which just adds to the wonderful atmosphere.  

This restaurant is a perfect place for a date with either a significant other or an old friend.  The dining room is very peaceful with soft classical music playing in the background, which can either be a romantic setting or a great place for a conversation between two buddies.  

The walls are decorated with sophisticated paintings and the misshaped bricks, concrete, and support beams across the ceiling make it look like an actual attic.  The lighting inside is dim with a lot of natural light coming through the windows overlooking beautiful downtown Clarkesville.  If it is a nice day, there is a front porch with several tables available for dining.

The food is a little pricey but extremely delicious, and therefore worth the money.  The steak is so tender it melts in your mouth.  The fresh baked bread is divine and free of charge.  If you are wanting something a little cheaper I would suggest maybe the Philly cheesesteak sandwich, made with Grade A ribeye steak or chicken.

Other entrees include pastas, seafood and hamburgers.  You can see into the kitchen area from the front door, so you can see how the food is prepared with fresh ingredients.  

When it comes to customer service, this establishment is top-notch.  My waitress was extremely helpful and never let my drink get below half full.  The food was on the table within 15 minutes of ordering, and the free bread with olive oil was more than enough to keep my appetite satisfied until my meal arrived.

The Attic is a great place for someone looking for an upscale meal in a relaxing and casual atmosphere.   

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