A Guide to Staying Focused


Sports Editor

 With the semester coming to a close and summer a couple of months away, students may find it difficult to persevere and finish this school year strong. Distractions and looking forward to a three-month break are much more exciting than the homework that needs to be done or the tests to study for.

However, the final weeks of this semester may hold a large percentage of a student’s grade. For example, professors often hold final projects, tests and the final exam during the last two weeks of classes. 

As a result, a student’s hard work in the beginning of the semester may be completely erased by slacking off during the final weeks, quickly turning  a passing grade to a failing grade.

In order to help students stay focused, here are few tips for effective study habits:

    1. Make a list of some sort containing everything that needs to be done for the day. After completing an object on the list, cross it off or erase it and continue until everything is finished.

    2. To avoid becoming overwhelmed by the amount of work to do, never place too many objectives on a single day of work. Spread the amount of work over a couple of days, leaving more free time and energy for the end of the day.

    3. Plan time for breaks. It has been shown that more information can be stored in the brain long-term if breaks are taken in the middle of homework and study time. 

This can give students something to look forward too, as well as optimize their study time.

    4. Stay connected via your Piedmont Lions email account. Most professors welcome questions from students about tests and homework. If you’re confused about something, ask the professor for help. Additionally, staying connected with professors also opens the door for instant updates on class cancellations and homework or test information.

After applying these tips or other effective studying habits, students complete everything they need for classes, as well as remove any burden related to school work that could distract them during free time spent with friends.