Habitat for Humanity’s Global Village


Have you ever wanted to volunteer your time but have been unsure how to? Habitat for Humanity offers a great opportunity to both students and anyone looking to volunteer their time and help those in need.

Global Village offers short-term service trips that allow partners with the Habitat for Humanity to get a chance to experience a different culture up-close. During the trip, volunteers will live like a local and help a community that is in need of safe, affordable housing. Unlike some church organizations that go to only one set location, Global Village takes multiple trips to numerous locations throughout the world each year. Trips begin in March and are offered until late October.

Each trip lasts around nine days and includes a welcome day, four build days, a celebration day, and ends with a chance to explore the local community. The price varies depending on the location of the trip. There are ten different project types that range from disaster recovery, home construction, community development, and blitz builds. Each project type has a set goal and is set up to better the local community. The trips vary in price, but the cost covers all meals and accommodations, transportation, which exclude airfare, activities, medical insurance, a translator, and a portion of your team leader’s airfare. Each group will be accompanied by a professional construction team who will help guide you through every step of the building process. On the last day of the trip, volunteers get to explore the local culture and celebrate the accomplishments made that week with a final team dinner.

This year Global Village plans to travel to countries such as Zambia, Cambodia, Romania, Thailand, Paraguay and many more. These service trips are a great way to explore as well as meet different people of all backgrounds, races and religions.

To find out more information on this, visit https://www.habitat.org/volunteer/travel-and-build/global-village. Here you will find all the information you need to get started as well as the list of trips Habitat will make this year.