Time Management


Staff Writer

In college, time management is important. 

Without good time management skills, students stress out more, they slowly become confused and tired of everyday college life, and find that they have less time to enjoy the things that they like. 

Each person is different in their ways of managing time. 

Some students manage their time very poorly and end up receiving bad grades or find themselves slowly sinking further into the dark hole of the homework abyss. Others wanting to stay ahead of the game plan times to set aside to accomplish tasks that need to be finished. 

Though people tend to overthink about planning ahead, it is quite simple to plan the week out and then adjust the schedule according to what pops up along the way. 

The weekend is one of the best ways to manage your time. 

While the weekend is often thought as being the time that students need to recoup from the stressful week, one needs to stop and think about what aspects of the week made it stressful. 

Since most students do not think to plan ahead, they are often left with the questions that seem to have no answers.

How can I make time management work? 

It is impossible to pin-point what works and what does not work for certain people. 

For many students, getting up earlier during the weekend and planning the week ahead helps. 

By doing this, they have already set goals that can either be accomplished or modified. Whenever times are set aside, students become more accountable and less likely to miss an important detail about an upcoming quiz or exam. 

While remaining focused on the small details that often slip through the cracks of our subconscious, students who actually read the material being covered and summarize the contents of each chapter or module are more likely to remain calm and collected during midterms and final exams.

By remaining two steps ahead of the game, and by refraining from procrastinating on major projects and assignment, students will learn that planning ahead reduces the causes of stress and produces a happier person in the end.