Spring Break Safety


Contributing Writer

With spring break coming up, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Safety is one of the top priorities as the week full of fun approaches. 

Safety doesn’t just include buckling your seatbelt or looking both ways when you cross the street; it includes the safety of others as well as yourself. 

Some safety tips to consider include wearing sunscreen, drinking moderately and consistently filling up your gas tank.

With most college students, safety is quickly forgotten which leads to costly consequences like waking up on the roof of your hotel with no cell phone to call your friends to save you. 

Take these tips seriously as you head out for all your adventures and you can just thank me later. 

First tip deals with where you book your hotel. 

This is important as far as safety because hotel locations can dictate how much you will enjoy your break. 

If you’re planning on going partying or bar hopping during the break, finding a hotel in a central area will decrease the urge to drink and drive.

Second tip to take with you is the amount of alcohol you consume. 

Everyone knows that one rule: don’t put your drinks down. Well, seriously, don’t, because who knows what some crazy person can put in your drink. 

When a drink is spiked, most people will show symptoms of dizziness, slurred speech, confusion, and difficulty standing. 

Don’t mistake this for a buzz. Be very careful who you get your drinks from.

Third tip to consider is sunscreen. 

If you want to look sexy you have to remember your SPF. 

No one wants to be a lobster for their spring break. Also, remember that alcohol and sun exposure do not mix. 

This can intensify the effects of alcohol in the body. 

Fourth and a very important tip is to be sure to travel in a group when going to the ATM. 

Going with trustworthy friends to the ATM reduces the chances of being robbed. 

When punching your PIN number into the ATM, make sure you’re covering the keypad so that no one can see it.

Keep these tips in mind while enjoying your fun in the sun, and having a safe spring break.