Recently, I had the chance to attend SCUSA 2017 at the West Point Military Academy. It was a trip I will never forget, and I am so happy I got the opportunity to be apart of such a great honor.  

To say all of the days were busy is an understatement.  

Our whole day was filled with many activities and many group discussions. This year’s theme was about the countries that have been “aggrieved and forgotten”.  

Our group’s country was Sub-Saharan Africa. We had students who were from Africa and some who were from Nigeria, so we had a very well-rounded idea of what it is really like there.  

We came up with three things that we could do that would benefit their country; trade, education, and a military base that we have trained. At the end of the weekend, we got to share our ideas with everyone and get there feedback.  

One of the main cool things is that our paper could actually be sent to the White House and read by the President! That is so mind-blowing.   

One of my favorite things, while I was there, was just getting to see the campus. It is a breathtaking campus, and everywhere you turned there was a good view of the sunset or sunrise.  

The buildings were out of a movie; they all looked like castles and had art/statues all over the place. Another amazing thing there was just getting to talk to people from all across the world.  

Hearing what their lives are like and growing connections that will last a lifetime. I met friends there that I will have until I am old.  

Oh, and the food was an A+. This was a dream come true, and I encourage anyone who ever has the chance to go, to go. You will not regret it.