Working Hard


Opinions Editor

I may be the most emotional person I know, and I get stressed at the drop of a hat, but I’m okay with that. 

One thing that has gotten me through this semester so far is that I have the best friends that I could possibly ask for. 

Something that I have learned while going to school at Piedmont is that friends are one of the most important things that you can come away with in college. 

I have wasted so much time on trying to make people happy who don’t care at all, and I’m done with it.

Every day I spend time with people who make me a stronger person and who make me feel better about who I am and what I stand for. 

What more can you ask for? 

My senior capstone project is a project that requires the outside assistance of many different people. 

I have to rely on others to make sure that I can get it done and it is very stressful.

One thing that I have learned while being in the mass communications program here at Piedmont is that you have to work together.

There is no way to get around it. 

Our professors put us in real life situations that they know we are going to experience, and it is tough. 

I’ve learned so much about myself and about the behavior of others while doing these projects.

It is very important to be able to work well with others in order to succeed in life.

There are very few times where we will have a job or career that we work by ourselves completely.

When you work well with others, you will be much happier.

Having an attitude that you can do everything by yourself may be detrimental to your physical and mental health.

I know that there is no way that I would be able to handle this entire project without the help of my classmates and friends.

I know when I was a freshman, I didn’t have a grasp on the importance of being someone that people could count on. 

Although I’m not perfect and don’t always meet deadlines, I do try and be a person that can always lend a helping hand no matter what. 

If we all decided to be selfish and do things only for ourself, the world would be a terrible place to me. 

Make sure that you remember that there are people who rely on you and fulfill whatever duties you promised to do.

Broken promises will make you a person that loses friends quickly.

I’ve been to the point where I had to prove that I could be someone I could count on, and I’ve also had people that weren’t reliable.

Neither side of the coin is fun, so make sure that you do what you say you will and do it to the best of your ability.

It’s not fun having someone disappointed in you.

Work hard and play hard, but always do your best at whatever it is.