Causes Close to the Heart


A&E Editor


Many times,  charities will ask for people to contribute money to a great cause, and you may even be one of the many people who cries when seeing the animal rescue ads on television. 

However, if you are a college student with a tight budget that cannot accomodate your big heart, there are ways to contribute that don’t involve spending money.

A common means of helping out a good cause is signing petitions. It’s important to research the organization and issues involved with the petition beforehand so you aren’t blindly signing over your name for a cause you don’t actually support.

Once you sign your name to an online petition, it is out there forever. Being informed will help you decide what kinds of causes to support and how to get others involved.

We at the Navigator strive for truth and spreading the news to students so they can benefit from the knowledge.

Supporting a good cause can have the same effect, as sharing links on various avenues of social media helps reach an audience past your own group of friends and family.

One should never underestimate the power of his or her own voice. A mere whisper can change the course of history.

We encourage you as a part of the student body to find a cause that is important to you and let it be known to the world that you care.

And of course, a little philantropy always looks good on your resume.

Not many things beat the feeling of knowing you did something to better your community, or even your world.

If you take this challenge, keep it close to your heart and others will follow suit.