The Northeast Georgia Alliance for Progress is a nonprofit organization out of Cornelia, Georgia.  

Their mission statement states: “Our mission is to better the lives of all people in the Northeast Georgia region through volunteer work and educational opportunities. Our group is not politically affiliated and open to helping all people.” 

The president and co-founder, Halley Russell, along with his executive board had previously been working hard to get their group recognized at the state level.  

The process for creating a nonprofit is different for each state, so NEGAAFP had to have their charitable endeavor meet the Georgia requirements for a nonprofit organization. 

They started out with the mission statement, letting the government know exactly what their goal was—to volunteer themselves to help others regardless of gender, race, social status, or political stances. 

The next steps were nothing but searching, filing, waiting, applying and filling out paperwork. Bylaws had to be created. Executive board members had to be anointed and recognized.  

Forms had to be collected and completed. These documents included all the necessary business licenses and a Georgia ID number from the Department of Revenue. 

Finally, after long last, their hard work paid off. The Northeast Georgia Alliance for Progress was officially instated as a Georgia nonprofit on July 28th of this year. Yet, the hard work is not yet done for the group.  

They must retain their nonprofit status by doing annual reports of their progress and several other actions, or they will be re-evaluated and could lose their state funds for fundraisers and other future projects. 

Speaking of projects, NEGAAFP is currently taking donations of feminine hygiene products such as pads, tampons, undergarments and other items for the Circle of Hope.  

“People neglect to think about how hard it is for women in this situation to receive such things,” Halley Russell said about why they started their recognized work with these sort of donations. At several local businesses and schools, boxes should begin showing up for these products in the coming weeks. 

The group has a heavy focus on impartiality regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender and social status.  

Russell said: “The push for equality and improving the treatment of women on a global scale is so important and necessary.”  

He was quick to explain that they are not politically affiliated because equality is more than just politics. 

Their stance to stay away from being aligned with a specific political party is what drove them to change their name, as to not be grouped together with the Indivisible Group.  

“We envision an organization that achieves progress through direct community service action,” Halley said.            

Their attitude against expressing any political ideals prompted them to also take action on their Facebook page, asking supporters and the public from sending them politically driven messages or fundraisers. 

The organization is actively seeking new volunteers. “If you are looking for a community service project or compass point, I am your guy,” the NEGAAFP president said.  

He also stated that they are always open to new fundraiser ideas and anyone willing to volunteer their time to help their cause. 

“Transparency is key,” read one of the group’s Facebook posts. This means, as according to President Russell, that NEGAAFP strives to stay open about where their money goes, your donations go and where their values. 

NEGAAFP started because a group of friends and acquaintances wanted to promote community progress and benefit. This goes along with their current women’s shelter drive and an upcoming literacy program, which not only help the disadvantaged members of the community but everyone.  

The Northeat Georgia Allaince for Progress is one that shows how caring and your beliefs can go beyond just yourself. It can affect a whole community or even the whole state. 

Meetings for the group are also held on once a month at the Cornelia Public Library. Join them to suggest new fundraiser ideas and get involved. If you want any more information, want to know more about volunteer opportunities, or want to make a donation, you can contact NEGAAFP on Facebook.