Piedmont Welcomes New Team


Staff Writer

The Piedmont College women’s lacrosse team is looking to make a statement for themselves in their inaugural season. 

“I think we will shock a lot of people,” said Sam Vanover, a mid fielder for the lacrosse team.

“We have shown a lot of progress in the short time we’ve been together, and our coaching staff has been incredibly supportive in our development as a team.”

Coach Emily Jacquette is the head coach for the team.

“It’s important for us to define the level of play for this season and this program,” said Jacquette.

The team ranked sixth in the preseason poll, but according to Jacquette, the team is aiming to place fourth in the conference and make the conference tournament. 

“I am looking forward to watching our team develop and make strides in being the inaugural women’s lacrosse team for Piedmont,” said Vanover.

The team experienced multiple injuries during the fall season, including an ACL injury. 

The injuries caused minor changes positionally within the team. 

These  hardships put pressure on the players to come back healthy for the regular season. 

“We are only a 15-man team as of right now and playing a 12-man game will be challenging,”  said Elaine Rossignol, a defender for the Lady Lions.

“Coach Jacquette and assistant coach [Jessie] Moulton have pushed us in conditioning and in skills, so we will be prepared.”

As a first year program, Jacquette said it will take a lot of patience within the team to get used to playing together, but they have an opportunity to set the standard for future players. 

Alana Hall, a freshman defense player, said, “I’m just looking forward to getting to know my teammates better.

“This is a big year for us being our first year, and I’m really excited to see where it leads.”

The team consists of players who are playing for the first time, as well as long-time competitors.

The Lady Lions face their first opponent on Feb. 20 against Agnes Scott College.

The game will be played in Demorest at the Walker Athletic Field at 6:30 p.m.