PC Tennis Aims to Ace Upcoming Season


Opinions Editor

The Piedmont men’s and women’s tennis teams are nearing the kick off for their inaugural season in the USA South Athletic Conference. 

Both teams have been voted to finish fifth in the preseason coaches’ voting. 

The men are voted fifth out of nine, while the women were voted fifth out of twelve conference teams. 

Previous Great South Athletic rivals Maryville and Lagrange will also be making the switch over to the USA South conference to compete with the Piedmont Lions. 

The men’s team is coming off of an impressive 12-6 record last year in the Great South Athletic Conference. 

Although they lost their number one player, Moses Das, this past year, they are returning six men from last year’s roster. 

The experience alone of all the returners will help the men have the chance of being successful in this new conference. 

Patrick Steck said, “We are really excited for the upcoming challenges that come with this new conference and new season.” 

The new players include Koen Gottenbos and Mason Riza to round out the team. 

The men’s first match will be played at Sewanee: The University of the South on February 22nd. 

The women’s team is coming back from a 10-9 record on the previous season. 

“The women’s tennis team has been working really hard at practice to compete against higher level players in the new conference,” said Katie Sailors.

“Coach Wood and Steffi are helping prepare us for the pressure by increasing our consistency and mental toughness.” 

The women are returning with five ladies from last year and one new freshman, Nicole Parrish. 

Although the women have faced a little trouble with losing players and conflicting athletic schedules from dual-sport athletes, they are confident that they are going to play hard and compete. 

The women will be traveling to Sewanee: The University of the South with the men on February 22nd. 

Coach Shane Wood will be returning for his 10th season here at Piedmont College and coach Steffi Balda will be coming back for her second year. 

“We are excited to be competing in a new conference competing with so many great Division 3 tennis programs, “ said Wood.

“The players are working hard and they are excited to begin the new season.” 

The tennis teams first at-home match is against Berry College on Feb. 26.

The teams will face their first USA South opponent on March 9 against Ferrum College in Ferrum, Va.

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