THE JUDGES OF ‘AMERICAN IDOL’: then and now (Editor VS Editor)


Sports Editor

Throughout it’s 12-year run, “American Idol” has seen many changes that have affected the framework of the show.

The biggest factor that has affected the “American Idol” journey has been the rotation of judges throughout the seasons. Many of these past judges, arguably, do a more sufficient and entertaining job than the newcomers of American Idol: Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban.

The greatest American Idol judges, other than returner Randy Jackson and the tough Brit Simon Cowell, served relatively short terms. 

Kara Dioguardi, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler all served two seasons on the American Idol panel. Dioguardi and Lopez each offered great criticism and guidance for the rising stars, leading American Idols such as Adam Lambert to greatness.

Tyler served two purposes on American Idol. First, he added the experience as a rocker: a perspective new to the Idol panel. Secondly, he added the humor effect “American Idol” desperately needs in order to continue to stay high in the rankings.

However, the greatest of all “American Idol” judges is Simon Cowell. Although often unnecessarily tough, Cowell’s assessment of an artist was usually very accurate. 

For example, he predicted that Carrie Underwood would be the greatest American Idol ever. So far, his prediction has proved true.

Urban, Minaj and Carey have just embarked on the road of being an “American Idol” judge. As the season continues, viewers will have to determine if their star experience and qualities can match some of the past “American Idol” judge greats.



A&E Editor

The twelfth season of American Idol is in full swing, with Hollywood week for the girls beginning this week, and the talent doesn’t disappoint. 

Along with thousands of new voices, there are some new faces joining Randy Jackson on the “American Idol” judging panel. 

Mariah Carey, a female powerhouse with a five octave vocal range is more than qualified to judge the fresh voices of contestants. 

Known as the best selling female recording artist of all time, Carey brings years of expertise and a warmhearted nature to the panel. 

However, this diva shares the table with another force in the arena of female vocalists. 

The dynamic between Carey and Nicki Minaj is nothing short of entertaining. 

It almost beings back memories of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul’s rocky relationship in past seasons. 

Minaj is no stranger to musical success, despite constant criticism, as she is the first female artist to have seven singles on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time. 

Oddly enough, Minaj’s cheerful, overly obsessive attitude towards contestants in the beginning of the season has started to wear off. 

This toughening-up could be needed in order to send only the cream of the crop through to live shows. 

The tenderest of all judges this season is the Australian-born Grand Ole Opry member Keith Urban. 

He provides an even-tempered criticism and is the first to sing along with the contestants’ performances. 

All in all, this seasoned group of judges, new and old, brings a chemistry that judges from years past could not compete with as the music world continues to reshape itself constantly.