Piedmont Roar


News Editor

Where do you read your news? According to the Pew Research Center, sixty percent of people under 25 get their news online, more than any other meduim. 

In order to better serve out readers, The Navigator has teamed up with the other student media at Piedmont to create an interactive and engaging forum for converged news. 

It’s called the Piedmont Roar and includes content from PC6, Piedmont’s TV station, and WRFP, Piedmont’s student-run radio station. 

Piedmont Roar is ultimately a media hub where stories from a variety of formats can be explored. This will allow readers and viewers to choose how they want to recieve the news. 

The site can be accessed at www.piedmontroar.com.

The new website presents content in several different ways, from interactive polls to podcasts. It’s easier to navigate and more user-friendly than our previous site.

 Have an article that you’d like to see from the past? The Piedmont Roar site is capable of archiving stories for viewing.

Readers can also leave anonoumyous comments on any article. We welcome discussion and interaction with the site. 

This is your campus, and, as reporters and editors, we want to hear the best ways to cover it for you. In order for student media to thrive at Piedmont, we need your feedback and support. 

Check out the new site. Leave a comment or share your favorie story on Facebook. 

After you check it out, shoot us an email letting us know what you think. We are always striving to improve for our readers and we want you to get involved.

Do you have an awesome story idea? Do you like working with video? Want to get your voice on the radio? 

We invite you to contact us about how you can contribute to your student media at Piedmont.