‘Lite Lions’ campaign encourages healthy living

‘Lite Lions’ campaign encourages healthy living


Contributing Writer

Piedmont’s Fitness Center has partnered with Chartwell’s to encourage healthier lifestyles for students and faculty. 

Fitness center coordinator Denyse Vincent has decided to team up with the cafeteria staff when one day she was working with some students. 

“Students have expressed their concern because [the food] can be unhealthy, and that is partly why we teamed up with the cafeteria to help the students, faculty, and staff on campus,” said Vincent.

Vincent said that she saw a need to improve the wellness on campus and that her supervisor thought it was a good idea. 

A few students had no problem expressing how they felt about the cafeteria food. 

Freshman nursing major Ebony Reeves said, “I was more pleased than satisfied with the food when I first came to Piedmont. 

“I feel like they have so many different options but nothing good to eat. Their wings are good, but I don’t want that or a hamburger every day.”

Senior theatre major Sky Ross also had a few words to say. “I feel like the cafeteria food does not add up to what we pay. The choices are not appetizing and the only thing I do like about the cafeteria are the drinks.” 

Director of dining services Angie Mixon was very positive and open to the cafeteria changes and getting the opinions of students about the food. 

“I have been director for 14 years and I love my job, but it is not for everyone.” 

Mixon also said that she and staff are very open to hearing out the students about food ideas. “I just tell my staff that if they see something they would not eat, then take it off the bar. I don’t want the students to shy away from us. We’re really excited to partner with Denyse to help the food become better.”

Vincent added that the cafeteria will be cooking foods in a “lighter fashion.” 

“There will be more grilled low fat foods, gluten free, and meats cooked without the breading.” The cafeteria will also focus on serving sizes.

Reeves expressed her likelihood towards the Biggest Loser competition and the healthier food in the cafeteria. “A few of my friends have been asking for fresher foods and I think it’s good that they are finally doing something like that.”

Vincent added that her goal with the competition is to make the campus more aware of exercise, diet and the differences students, faculty and staff can make in their own lives and continue it. “It will improve their future,” Vincent said.

For the participants who are competing in the competition, there will be a green lion logo with the words ‘Lite Lion Choice’ sitting in front of the food item with the number of calories written under.