The Sky is Falling


At around 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 29, three students in Purcell were suddenly awoken by a large piece of their ceiling falling uncomfortably close to one roommate’s bed.

Freshman Billy Beguhn, who was sleeping right next to where the piece fell, immediately woke up to the piece hitting the side of his bed before it fell to the floor.

Beguhn and his other roommates, freshmen Kenneth Hearn and Dylan Young, decided to go back to sleep and filed a report with their RA and RD the following morning.

Maintenance was able to come look at the ceiling, where there was obvious water damage, and they decided to temporarily fix it by putting buckets under the leaks.

The RA and RD persisted in helping the students file complaints and maintenance orders without any clue as to what was next for the problem.

The trio was left with this solution and not many answers until this past Monday, Feb. 4, when maintenance returned to the room.

“They seemed genuinely concerned and talked to us,” said Hearn. “They are doing their best to keep the water damage to a minimum.”

They were left with two drywall buckets catching the water, and they must dump them out when they fill up with the brownish-black water that falls from the leaks.

Seth Klepal, a frequent guest in room 224 said, “If the problem doesn’t concern Piedmont busting someone for drugs or alcohol, they [Piedmont] don’t really care.”

In an e-mail, Drew Davis said, “I was out of town last week, and we are looking into other options at this time.”

The guys were told they had the option of either moving out or just dealing with the problem. Beguhn moved out from but Hearn and Young remained.