Compass Point of View: Participating in “The Torch of Piedmont”


Contributing Writer

When I was approached by the leader of the Torch of Piedmont, an all-women’s honor socitey, Linda Wofford about the need for participation in the Torch, I jumped at the opportunity to turn the new project into one of my three Compass Endeavors.  

Reading through the six different Compass Points, I chose the Creativity and Innovation point for my latest mission in creating an original approach to the previous marketing tactics.  

Keep in mind that I was trying to get previously inducted students to pay their dues, attend the induction ceremony and join the annual breakfast. 

Over the course of the semester, I met with the leaders of the honor society in efforts to build a contemporary marketing base that would potentially lead to inductees’ active participation.  

We decided that if we focused on one of the two main events, the induction ceremony and the annual breakfast, the event would spark enough attention to compensate for the need for people to send in their dues.  

After sifting through several different approaches, we agreed upon the idea of adding door prizes to the annual breakfast.  

Sitting around the meeting table we came to the conclusion that instead of asking for a money donation, we would ask for small gift donations.  

As the weeks passed, I visited many small businesses in the Habersham County community.  

Before long, I collected several prizes for the breakfast event.  

As we collected each prize, I was in charge of the posting pictures on the Torch of Piedmont Facebook page to create excitement to actively patriciate in the society.  

Throughout my journey, I was able to not only make new friends with local business owners, but I also unlocked my creative abilities. It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun.