Men’s soccer kicks down the Hawks


Sports Editor

The men’s soccer team played on Oct. 3 at the Walker Athletic Complex against the visiting Hawks of Huntingdon College, winning 1-0 and pushing the team’s overall record to 3-4-3.

“It was a tough and competitive game for us. It was freezing and extremely wet, but I am so proud of my team for getting another win at home,” said third-year defender Dylan Krimmer. 

The two teams battled neck and neck, receiving chances on both sides. 

Fourth-year goal keep Kenneth Hearn made three saves for the team by the end of the game. 

Huntington caused penalties throughout the game, giving Piedmont a chance to score. After hitting Chris Bible, second-year forward, for the second time, the referee gave a Hawk a yellow card. With just one minute remaining in the game, Matt Metzger, third-year midfielder, took a free kick for the Lions and hit it wide right of the goal. The Hawks and the Lions were tied 0-0 at half time.  

During the second half, Huntingdon continued to play a physical game, though the referee didn’t make any calls. 

Chase Kane, second-year forward, got the ball to his feet, passed two defenders and hit just wide of the goal. 

Hearn continued to keep the Hawks from scoring. 

Metzger hit a shot and scored with eleven minutes remaining. 

 “It was a really good game. We fought throughout the first and second half and finally got a goal and got the win. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season pans out for us,” says first-year defender Michael Ohana. 

The Lions’ next game will be held at Walker Athletic Complex on Oct. 9 against Sewanee the University of the South at 2 p.m.