Staff Writer

This year, the Campus Activities Board, or CAB, is looking to start fresh with new officers, a new advisor, new ideas and many more people.  

One of these new ideas is an event called Scary-Oke on Halloween night, an event replacing the annual haunted house. 

CAB will not be putting on the annual haunted house in Getman-Babcock, or GB, for the foreseeable future due to rumors and folklore surrounding the building. According to CAB President Gabriel Gutierrez, CAB was formally asked by President James Mellichamp to stop the haunted house for undisclosed reasons. The officers mutually agreed with Mellichamp on going a different way this year. 

“We are trying to change up several things this year,” Gutierrez said.

In the past, the haunted house had mixed reviews. 

“It was a really cool experience going to the haunted house last year. It exceeded my expectations, and I loved it,” sophomore business major Zach Englert said. 

However, not everyone had a good experience with the haunted house. 

Many female students who resided in GB on Halloween were stuck in or out of their rooms until the haunted house ended.  

Sophomore art therapy major Julia Burtt, who lived in GB last semester, said, “I went home because I did not want to be stuck in or out of my dorm.”  

Gutierrez said he is hopeful in the changes that are coming to CAB this semester and is looking forward to this new event. 

 “There will be games prizes, karaoke, a costume contest and dancing,” Gutierrez said.

Before Scary-Oke, CAB has more events coming up for students. On Oct. 14-17, CAB will host the annual Piedmont Pride Week with games, a cookout and the annual trip to Six Flags Fright Fest.  Although the haunted house is not going on this year, Gutierrez guaranteed CAB has plenty planned for the Halloween season.