Lovin’ Piedmont’s New Student Commons


A&E Editor

When I first heard the news about Piedmont’s new student commons, I honestly was not expecting much. Since arriving at Piedmont my freshman year, the student commons were still under construction. Even the students before me said it was still under construction during the previous year, but now the student commons is finally open. Piedmont has come a long way.

One of the things that makes the student commons such a nice hang out place is that it’s right in the center of campus, making it accessible at all times. The cafeteria architecture is definitely better than its older counterpart. The fact that the bookstore is now located in the same building makes it better, as well. 

The former bookstore was quite a walk from campus. I enjoy how the new bookstore carries more college themed merchandise and more choices of books.

Another thing that excited me was the new gym equipment.

The recreational gymnasium is up to par. It’s nice to have a place where you can just have fun playing basketball. 

I found that the idea of the rock-climbing wall was a creative touch to the new building. People are always on it, and it looks as if it’ll be busy all throughout the year. Racquetball is an interesting addition as well. 

It was a good idea to add the Grill straight across from the café. It’s very convenient to students on the go and offers your daily dose of Starbucks and delicious sweet treats. The new student center certainly surprised me when I returned from summer. 

I enjoy seeing all the students using it to it’s full potential. I hope to see the student commons and Piedmont College change throughout time.